Chocolate Productıon Systems

Our company was established in 1979 in Istanbul. Our company, which met the chocolate sector with raw cocoa processing machines, made progress in its field with cocoa alkalization conches, cocoa butter extraction presses, powdered cocoa pulverizers, and then rotary cones, granulated sugar mills and powdered sugar units, fully automatic filling machines and product extraction robots.

We serve with more than 50 chocolate and raw cocoa machines. All of our machines are designed by our company with engineers and expert technicians. The machines we produce attract attention with the hygiene environment they create, human health, energy and labor savings in chocolate production.

Our company is in the leading position in the domestic market with its customer portfolio in Turkey, Russia abroad, Ukraine, Kazakhstan ,African countries complete factory has established.

Currently in Turkey and other countries it serves the industry with more than 300 sewing machines in our success.